Nana's Manna
Handmade With Love

About ...

We are a team of two. Angela Minter and Chris de Wit.

It started off by us baking biscotti for our family and friends as gifts for special occasions.

Chris’s was a dental technologist but his passion is crafting things with his hands whether it be biscotti or wooden tables. (The pictures where taken on some of the tables that Chris has made)

Angela was an admin manager in the corporate world and had an 8 to 5 job but wasn’t very happy for many years working in the corporate world.

Angela has a passion for making people happy. And part of that is feeding people, whether it be cooking a three course meal or baking amazing goods.

We got the opportunity to move to Cape Town at the end of 2018 and decided that this was the perfect opportunity to change our lifestyle for the better and so the dream of Nana’s Manna was realized.